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Research Team

Professor Christine Halse
Deakin University

Chris is a sociologist of education who specialises in diversity and its implications for curriculum, policy and identity. Her research on intercultural understanding has been applied to international education, curriculum and assessment, Studies of Asia, and environmental studies to bring research to bear on significant social and educational policy problems.

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Alfred Deakin Professor Fethi Mansouri
Deakin University

Fethi holds the position of Alfred Deakin Professor in Migration and Intercultural Research; is the Director of the strategic research Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University; and currently serves as  the editor of the Journal of Intercultural Studies (Routledge).  His international expertise focuses upon political sociology, migration research, inter-cultural studies and  Middle Eastern affairs.

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Associate Professor Colin Arrowsmith
RMIT University

Colin teaches and researches on the application of spatial information systems, including geographic information systems (GIS), to investigate the impact of tourism on nature-based tourist destinations. Colin is also researching into the application and use of virtual environments for the teaching and learning of geospatial science with the Online Center for Global Geography Education (sponsored by the Association for American Geographers (see http://courses.aag.org/).

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Associate Professor Julianne Moss
Deakin University

Julianne teaches and researches in the areas of curriculum policy, theory and change, practitioner inquiry, teacher education and qualitative research methodologies (especially visual methods).  Her work in these areas has included examining middle schooling and has included a focus on student diversity.

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Associate Professor Yin Paradies
Deakin University

Yin conducts internationally recognised research on the health, social and economic effects of racism as well as anti-racism theory, policy and practice. He is co-deputy director of the Centre of Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University and leader of the thematic research group on Racism, Anti-Racism and Diversity (RAD).

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Dr Ruth Arber
Deakin University

Ruth teaches in the areas of internationalising the curriculum, globalisation and language teaching. Her research has examined: identity, difference, internationalisation and cosmopolitanism in schools and education systems; and good teaching practice with an emphasis on TESOL.

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Dr Claire Charles
Deakin University

Claire is a Lecturer in Education Studies at Deakin University. Her research is concerned with investigating the effects of educational contexts and programs designed to support young people to develop awareness about various forms of social injustice related to gender, sexualities, class and race.

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Dr Anne Cloonan
Deakin University

Anne is the Language and Literacy Disciplinary Area Coordinator in the School of Education at Deakin University. Her research interests are digital culture and its impact on teacher and student learning, participatory methodologies, and multimodality and English/literacy.

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Dr Nida Denson
University of Western Sydney

Nida’s research focuses on the impact of diversity and the positive benefits of engagement with diversity-related activities. Her research aims to identify the individual and situational factors that maximise the benefits of diversity for social and cognitive development.

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Dr Sarah Ohi
Deakin University

Sarah’s background is in Literacy Education, within Early Childhood and Primary Teacher Education courses. She is passionate about improving the quality of teaching through innovations in teaching and learning in Higher Education, offering flexible Higher Education through the use of technology and strengthening the Research-Teaching nexus.

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Dr Joanne O'Mara
Deakin University

Jo has a particular interest in the areas of new literacies studies and the arts, and her current research projects investigate drama education pedagogy and practices, digital games, emergent literacies and new textual practices. Jo chairs the English teaching method subjects at Deakin University.

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Dr Naomi Priest
University of Melbourne

Naomi researches in the areas of child public health and health inequalities, particularly to address racism and promote diversity and inclusion.  Her work also includes the development of mental health interventions for children in disadvantage.

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Postgraduate Students

Brandi Fox

Brandi obtained a Master’s degree in International Development, with her thesis investigating racial socialisation messages and strategies children received while on excursion at the Melbourne Immigration Museum. Brandi’s PhD research focuses on the biographical formation of intercultural understanding in school children.



Kerri Garrard

Kerri has a teaching background (history, English and English literature) that spans twenty years in Victorian schools. Her research interests are the teaching of History in the secondary school setting, examining international trends for future teaching and learning of particularly Asian and European History.



Caroline Mahoney

Caroline has worked with Community Languages Schools and as a Japanese language teacher in New South Wales. While studying at the University of Sydney and Waseda University, Tokyo, her research focused on Australian Japanese language teachers and Intercultural Language Learning.




Gary Shaw

Gary currently works with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development where he is involved in multicultural education and Civics and Citizenship Education initiatives designed to contribute to inclusive and safe school cultures and promote active citizenship and global awareness. Gary has extensive experience in presenting values-based approaches for school improvement, including restorative practices to national and international audiences.





























Industry Partners

DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Victoria)

DEECD provides services to children and young people both directly through government schools and indirectly through regulation and funding of early childhood services and non-government schools.

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TFH (Together for Humanity)

TFH is an independent, multi-faith non‐profit organisation that works around Australia to build intercultural understanding in young people by enabling positive experiences of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.

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Pukunui Technology

Pukunui Technology is a leader in open source technologies in Australia that is focused on integrated education focused solutions.

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VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority)

VCAA is an independent statutory body responsible for ensuring high quality curriculum, assessment and reporting for all government and non-government schools in Victoria.

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Steering Committee

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ICU Project Schools

Debney Meadows Primary School
Doncaster Gardens Primary School
Essendon Primary School
Flemington Primary School
Ruskin Park Primary School
St Kevin’s Primary School

Baden Powell P-9 College
Gleneagles Secondary College
Lyndale Secondary College
Mentone Girls Grammar School
Mt Hira College
Templestowe College